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Supported Accommodation



Our supported accommodation scheme provides 80 places across mid Cornwall for those who need extra support to recover from homelessness and develop their independence. Housing related support is provided by our dedicated team led by Support Manager Chris Abbott.

There is a member of staff on site at all times, whether that be the support team during working hours, or our dedicated security team throughout the night. The on-call support worker can also be accessed to resolve any issues during the night.

The aim of the scheme is to provide those residents who need it with support, advice and assistance to enable them to access and retain a home, to lead independent lives while in one of our properties, to learn how to become a good tenant, and to move on to other accommodation when they wish and / or are ready to do so.

Harbour Housing properties are open to everyone, irrespective of background, and we are led by inclusivity and equality in all that we do. We stand against discrimination of all kinds and will advocate for those marginalised through sexuality, race, disability, lifestyle or gender identity.

Substance use can often act as a barrier to safe accommodation which may be counterproductive to recovery, so we do not insist on abstinence from in our facilities. We provide support and counselling for those with problems related to substance misuse, encourage and support them to address those problems, and do our best to discourage excessive and irresponsible use. Our elastic tolerance model means that our support is person-centred and intended to bring about the most positive outcome for the individual, focusing on how to best assist them to attain independent living and safely access support to do so.

We have a contract with our residents: they must want to engage with us and actively work with their key worker, and in turn we will support them to live independently and manage their complex needs. We have Security on site for out of hours and have state of the art CCTV to keep residents safe as well as concierge services and remote door entry systems. Residents are free to come and go as they please and, so long as they engage positively with the support team, to lead whatever lifestyle they choose, provided that they can do so without upsetting their neighbours (including the local community).

The aim of our service is to encourage residents to live independent lives with the security of support when they need it. As well as the accommodation, we have training facilities on site and we organise various courses and other activities on and off site for our residents.

We have access to a wide network of other agencies and all work together to support our beneficiaries. These include We Are With You, Cornwall Drug and Alcohol Action Team, mental health teams, police, Probation, Clinical Commissioning Groups, the food bank, the clothes bank, GPs, Safer Cornwall, St. Austell College, the Eden Project and many more.