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Chris Abbott

Head of Housing Services

Chris has spent the majority of his life in the West of Cornwall being educated at Redruth Grammar School and starting a career in manufacturing in 1977 at the Rank Toshiba Factory in Pool.

In 1981 the Rank Factory closed and Chris joined his father, George Abbott, in setting up a new electronics manufacturing plant in Penryn providing much needed employment to over 250 local people.

Having gained many years of managerial experience and realising the inevitable demise in UK manufacturing Chris made the conscious decision to change direction and took on the exciting challenge of forging a new career path joining Cosgarne Hall’s Supported Accommodation Team in 2006.

Rising swiftly through the ranks Chris is now the Head of Housing Services at Cosgarne Hall and leads a dedicated team passionate about providing the best possible services they can deliver to some of the most vulnerable members of society.

Experience shows “Homelessness and associated issues can affect anyone at any time and it is our intention, wherever possible, to offer a place of safety and the supported opportunity to begin to turn your life around.”

It’s never too late.”