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Billy Horton


After a thirty year substance misuse addiction in London I decided that the time had come to change my life or die. I kept wondering why I spent so much time in jail and street homeless, however never connected it to my drug addiction. In 2010 I came to Cornwall in the hope that I could get clean and stay clean. I was admitted to a detox in Plymouth where I spent six weeks then went on to a secondary rehab in Truro where I spent a further five months. During that time I started to learn about addiction the consequences and how it can impact so negatively in my life. I had no self worth, confidence and was terrified of living life clean. However with the support of staff, peers and my family things for me started to change. I became a volunteer with Addaction at the end of my treatment and found out that I had something to give back; others saw this in me as I was unable to see this in myself. Time and support was invested in me and I started to believe in myself. During my time as a volunteer I had the opportunity to start a Map Meeting in Cosgarne in 2012.Since that time I have seen the most amazing changes and feel privileged to have witnessed them. In November Malcolm approached me and asked if I would consider becoming a trustee. I was honoured that he would think I might bring something to Cosgarne and subsequently accepted his offer. I have been in recovery for over six years, employed by Addaction as service user engagement coordinator for three years and have not looked back.