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Voluntary Roles

Commitment: 1-2 hours a week, set hours.

Requirements: Friendly, non-judgmental, flexible.

Activity Volunteers run sessions for our residents to promote wellbeing and engagement.

We have a calendar of activities including art, yoga, board games and beauty groups, with sessions changing throughout the year to meet the needs of current residents.

Volunteers are required to run these sessions either independently or in conjunction with staff and other volunteers. This is a hugely vital role as it is important that our residents are encouraged to pursue their interests and develop new hobbies, as well as interacting with people outside of their immediate support network.

Volunteers must be flexible and understanding of resident needs.

Commitment: 1-2 hours a week, flexible hours.

Requirements: Up to date driving licence and access to own vehicle.

The Volunteer Driver role is incredibly flexible and dependent upon availability.

We have one set route after working hours where we require a driver to deliver food donations from a supermarket once a week which could be suitable for those who wish to support us but have limited availability during the working week.

For those with more availability, we also require drivers who could support on short journeys within St Austell and the surrounding areas when needed, such as taking clients to doctors appointments, the food bank or out shopping.

Fuel expenses will be paid.

Commitment: 1 hour a month

Requirements: Friendly, Non-Judgemental

It is really important for our residents to have social interactions and human connections outside of professional interactions.

Befriending sessions can be anything from a chat in a coffee shop, to a weekly grocery shop, help doing some laundry or spending some time together down on our smallholding.

Volunteers are matched up with a client based on age, shared interests and compatibility.


Commitment: 4 hours a month, flexible hours.

Requirements: Independent working, comfortable with light manual tasks

With seven properties across St Austell, Garden and Property Volunteers help us to maintain them and ensure that they are kept to a high standard.

Depending on strengths of the volunteer, this can include weeding and tending to our allotment, pruning, mowing or general property maintenance.

Commitment: 4 hours a month, flexible hours.

Requirements: Administrative experience

Administrative Volunteers bring their own specific skills to our organisation, whether that be in accounts, HR, policy or anything else they feel would benefit our operation.

Commitment: 1 day a year

Requirements: Friendly, Approachable, Good Communication

The Harbour Housing team attends various events across the county to spread the word about the work that we do, from village fairs, to group presentations,  to county festivals.

Events Volunteers support at these events and help to engage with the community as well as promoting our services.

Our events calendar spans the whole year so attendance can be arranged to suit availability of the volunteer.

Volunteers will be required to attend a 1 hour training session prior to attending the event.

Commitment: 2-3 hours a week, flexible hours (late morning and early evening hours available) 

Requirements: Comfortable in a kitchen environment, enjoys cooking, baking, friendly and approachable. 

Kitchen Volunteers will be involved in food preparation, creating new menu options, cooking and serving for our residents in Cosgarne Hall for a light lunch or evening meal. We have a friendly team of enthusiastic resident volunteers who help out in our kitchens daily, and external volunteers can assist however they wish.

Volunteers will be required to complete a Food Hygiene Certification, for which the cost and expenses will be paid for by us.

Over winter the council will activate SWEP (Severe Weather Emergency Protocol) where emergency shelter is provided to those living on the streets. Cosgarne Hall will be providing this accommodation for our region. We need volunteers to help us support our guests to access the appropriate services as well as serving hot drinks and food during the evening.

Ideal qualities in a candidate:

  • Non-judgmental
  • Patient
  • Supportive
  • Compassionate


This provision is dependent on weather so we cannot offer exact rotas in advance but if you think you may be suitable for this position please get in touch with your availability and we will add you to our on-call database.


There will be several shifts during the night and we will work flexibly with you on availability.


Email: support@harbourhousing.com with your interest and availability.