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Frequently Asked Questions about 19 Elliot Gardens

Why are residents in Eliot Gardens thinking a place for people with drink and drug problems is opening when the building is owned by the diocese? Can you confirm who owns the building and how has that come about? If the diocese owns the building whose idea is to convert

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Media Release concerning 19 Elliot Gardens

Media Release Friday, 18 May 2018 Ref Elliot Gardens Cosgarne are happy to announce that we have been able to secure a property in Newquay to help reduce the number of homeless persons in Cornwall. The property is located within easy reach of all amenities including doctor’s surgeries and transport

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Paul lives at one of our move-on properties and comes to Cosgarne a few times every week to volunteer on the farm or in the kitchen. Paul has struggled with anxiety and depression over the years but is tackling the symptoms with action, getting involved in as much volunteering as

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John has only been at Cosgarne since January but has made quite an impact. He is one of our keenest gardeners and is currently bringing on seeds in the greenhouse so we can have food and flowers to harvest on-site. We encourage enterprise amongst our residents and hope to use

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