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Hypnotherapy at Harbour

We have been running hypnotherapy sessions to support the residents of our properties.

Harbour recently took on our own counselling service for beneficiaries who have experienced homelessness and are working to develop their independence. This was after we put a survey to residents asking them if they felt they would benefit from this: the result a resounding ‘yes!’

Our very own in-house counsellor Simone has been providing one-to-one sessions to support individuals with a variety of needs including mental health issues, historic trauma and difficulties surrounding addiction.

Hypnotherapy sessions act as a new supplement to this existing service, with participants supported to safely use solution-focused hypnotic techniques to break negative cycles of depression, anxiety and addiction.

Residents attend sessions over a 12-week period where they use psychotherapeutic tools to map out a pathway to positive development, using the subconscious to reinforce this.

Simone speaks about the positive impact this has had on one of the participants: “When she came out of the session it looked like a weight had been lifted.

“She said: ‘I feel like I’m not so heavy’, like all the weight had been lifted off her shoulders and her face looked completely different.”

Simone has been attending a course in Plymouth to learn these techniques and describes it as a really positive experience.

“Hypnotherapy uses the application of hypnotic techniques to bring about therapeutic change and is a very pleasant, effective and relaxing experience.

“If you have an open mind to hypnotherapy, then it can enhance many areas of your wellbeing, the very least you will experience from hypnotherapy will be feelings of relaxation and calm.”

The course has been so popular at Harbour that we have had to increase to two groups a week, and residents have begun requesting hypnosis during their one-to-one sessions.
A participant of the course said that it has a hugely positive effect on him, “It gives you some focus for the week, I look forward to it.”

We have a really great enrichment programme here at Harbour where residents can get involved in training courses, volunteering and social groups.

We’re always really keen to try new things, and often find that less conventional methods can have hugely positive impacts.

It’s important that we are led by our beneficiaries’ needs and finding innovative ways to support them is something that we’re really proud of.

We’ve had really fantastic feedback about the hypnotherapy group and are so glad residents are feeling such a benefit from it.

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