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£72k Fund from Government

We are thrilled to be one of the 132 charities benefitting from the government funding announced over the weekend!

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has announced £6 million as a part of their homeless response fund.

We are really excited to announce that we will be receiving £72,281 from this amount to help us continue to provide services through the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have seen our costs raise exponentially during the crisis to ensure that our services were able to operate safely.

This included the purchase of thermal cameras and wash stations for our property entrances along with a huge investment in safety equipment and essential items for vulnerable residents.

During these uncertain times this funding will act as a lifeline, enabling us to focus on providing our clients with safe homes and life support to enable their recovery from homelessness.

We are pleased that the government recognises the importance of investing in these essential services and thankful to them for trusting in the work that we do here in Cornwall.

It was great to see Cornwall receiving several successful grants and our congratulations go to St Petrocs and YMCA Cornwall who also do amazing work in the sector.

Efforts from central government and the local authority during the pandemic have revealed that the number of people rough sleeping and in insecure accommodation is larger than previously recorded.

New hygiene zone at the entrance to Cosgarne Hall

We look forward to working with Cornwall Housing and our partner organisations to deliver positive outcomes for all those affected by homelessness across Cornwall and achieve the government’s goal of everyone in for good.

Homelessness Minister Luke Hall said:

“Nearly 15,000 vulnerable people have been housed in emergency accommodation, including hotels, since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown period.

“This money will help charities continue to support these people and ensure they are getting everything they need to prevent them from returning to a life on the streets so they can rebuild their lives once and for all.”

We are glad to have been able to move several of these people housed in emergency accommodation into their own rooms with us already and hope to continue to work with the network of organisations across Cornwall to ensure the same can be done for all that need it.

Homeless Link managed the grant on behalf of MHCLG and Chief Executive Rick Henderson said:

“Homelessness charities that many vulnerable people rely upon have continued to provide invaluable support, despite being hard hit by the current public health crisis.

“This emergency funding will enable them to keep running their vital services, from specialist support for women, those experiencing domestic violence and young people, to providing hot meals or upskilling people experiencing homelessness – to name just a few.”

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