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Success in Nationwide Funding!

We have been successful in applying for a grant of £45,000 from Nationwide Building Society to run our Landlord Incentive Scheme.

They have partnered with us on this project to help move those with a history of homelessness into their own accommodation.

The fund is a product of the Nationwide Community Grants Programme which aims to strengthen local communities by preventing people from losing their homes, helping people into a home of their own and supporting people to thrive in the home environment.

This scheme will support people to move out of temporary accommodation into the private rented sector through offering targeted support and incentives to landlords.

Money from the grant will go towards staff costs for a move-on navigator, incentives for landlords to provide an assurance of no financial loss, and tenancy sustainment activities to help improve the independence and resilience of beneficiaries.

People will have the opportunity to move into their own home, sometimes for the first time in their adult lives, and will have access to the training and support to sustain this tenancy.

This will free up bed space in supported accommodation for the most vulnerable in society, removing the burden from community services and ensuring that essential wrap-around support is provided to those most in need.

There is a need for a viable pathway out of supported accommodation for those recovering from homelessness, with the current difficulty being in part due to misconceptions and mistrust around housing benefits.

This project offers a way through these barriers and a chance for individuals to secure a sustainable move out of temporary accommodation and homeless services.

Our move-on navigator will help people to source, secure, move into and sustain a tenancy in the private-rented sector and work with landlords and letting agents to ensure they are also supported.

Financial incentives will act as reassurance to landlords in case of delays in Universal Credit payments or the requirement of three months paid in advance.

The grant money is also being used to fund personal items for the individual that cannot be sourced through voluntary sector organisations, ranging from bed sheets to a bike.

Through providing the money for these items, we aim to support beneficiaries to settle into their new communities and homes without having to build up credit card debts or go without certain items which could in turn threaten the tenancy.

Three months of support from our move-on navigator will be provided to both the landlord and the tenant during the transition period to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Having this point of contact and support will act as reassurance to both parties as well as a mitigator for any concerns raised or difficulties encountered.

It means so much to us to receive this grant.

A barrier that we are constantly faced by is the difficulty in moving clients on when they are ready.

The revolving door of homelessness phenomenon is a key indicator that more needs to be done to ensure that successful move-ons are sustainable.

We really believe that engaging with landlords is the key to this, and that with encouragement and support they will be able to feel more confident around housing benefit and more willing to accept tenants in receipt of it.

This funding will really act as a lifeline for clients and enable us to support them not only to move into their own homes, but to thrive in new communities.

Through liaising with landlords and offering ongoing support we hope that this project will help us to end the cycle of homelessness for good for our scheme’s beneficiaries.

Thank you to Nationwide for making this possible!

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