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Harbour Housing’s Hygiene Strategy

Harbour Housing is implementing new measures to keep our residents and staff safe amidst the global pandemic of COVID-19.

We’ve installed a brand-new sink and UV hand dryer at the entrance to Cosgarne Hall, one of our largest supported accommodation properties in St. Austell.

Our dedicated staff are sitting beside the door throughout the day, ensuring all who enter have thoroughly washed and dried their hands, in accordance with government advice on hygiene practice and stopping the spread of the virus and bacteria.

All of Harbour’s residents have attended meetings on the threat posed by the virus, and have been given advice and resources on hygiene, the symptoms and how to self-isolate if required.

Factual videos made by staff have been posted on screens throughout Cosgarne Hall, informing residents of the current pandemic. Leaflets, posters and letters informing residents of the new social restrictions have been distributed to all clients.

For those with limited access to information, it’s important that they can be kept up to date and fully informed in the ever-changing climate.

We’ve also made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend their external volunteers from running activities and clubs for residents, to follow social distancing guidelines and protect all parties. We’re so grateful and appreciative of our incredible volunteers, and we don’t want to put anyone at risk.

Many of our residents at Harbour have previously spent long periods rough sleeping on the streets, meaning that they have pre-existing health conditions, making them more vulnerable to the effects of the novel virus.

Having immunocompromised clients means that we’re doing all we can to prevent the virus from entering and spreading within our properties.

 Emily Hill, a member of our Tenancy Sustainment staff said:

 “We’re ensuring that everyone who comes into Cosgarne Hall is protecting themselves and everyone else from the Coronavirus, by completing the basic handwashing steps for at least twenty seconds.

 “We’re also encouraging clients in our other properties to follow these measures too, with everyone having attended a hygiene and COVID-19 training session this week.

 “Residents have been amazing with this and everyone is concerned for and looking out for one another.

  “We’re seeing residents cooking and delivering food to each other’s rooms from the kitchens – it’s a real sense of community and looking after everyone.

 “By acting together, the greater the chances become of us all staying safe and well”

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