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Christmas Community Action Day

Residents and staff took to the streets of St Austell on Monday dressed in our most festive attire and accompanied by the cheesiest Christmas music.

In festive outfits and armed with buckets and sponges we took on the task of cleaning road signs in the local area.

It was all a part of our community engagement effort which encourages residents to volunteer on monthly action days aimed at supporting the local area.

In the past we have done litter picks and bus shelter renovations, but this was a particularly special event as it was all about making sure St Austell is prepared for Christmas.

Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated residents the road signs are clean and visible so Santa will be able to find his way to children’s houses in time for Christmas morning.

We had such a wonderful time going around in our Christmas costumes – so many people waved or came to say hello and that’s what these community action days are all about.

It is so important that our beneficiaries feel like they are a part of this community, and events like this are a great way to forge those connections.

Giving back to the community has a way of really improving individuals’ sense of belonging, and it was nice to be able to return the favour to a community who give so much to us.

Christmas is all about coming together to support others and this action day definitely helped to get us all in the festive spirit.

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