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Harbour’s Commitment to Community

At Harbour Housing we pride ourselves on our commitment to the community that we are lucky enough to be a part of.

This commitment is demonstrated in various manners, from engaging in community projects to investing in local enterprise and services.

As a small charity we are able to control where we spend our money and so can ensure that it gets invested back into the area.

Although it may be cheaper to order parts and services from national and even international companies, we believe that paying a little bit more is worth it for the benefits that it brings the local community.

An analysis of our spending over the last year revealed that we spend over £1.1 million annually within 50 miles of St Austell, with nearly 70% of that within just 25 miles.

From property maintenance services, signage and branding, professional consultancy, and staff wages, it is important to us that the money that we spent finds its way back to the local community, and to Cornish families and businesses.

As a business we also pay rates which amount to over £20,000 annually and allow the council to provide essential services in the local area.

Not only are we committed financially to supporting the community, but we try to show this with our actions as well.

We are active members of the Safer St Austell partnership which has been doing great work to improve wellbeing and security in the area, as well as encouraging more public engagement with support services. 

We are also able to offer our insight in various local groups including the Cornwall Rough Sleeper Operational Group and Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference and are proud to be part of a community with such active safety partnerships.

Residents are really encouraged to get involved in community engagement activities, frequently volunteering on litter picks and bus shelter renovations which help to foster good ties with the community and instil pride in the neighbourhood to which they belong.

As well as this we enjoy attending local events, and in recent years residents have shown great enthusiasm in preparing for the St Austell Torchlit Parade and Christmas Market.

Community is really important to us as it is often something that those experiencing homelessness go without, and even after moving into private accommodation this sense of isolation can linger.

We aim to create a little community of our own within the properties we manage, but it is so important that residents learn to foster wider links with their community, as when they move on to new neighbourhoods it is these links which will become their new support network.

We do not exist in isolation from our surroundings, and our residents rely on healthy connections with the local area to help develop a real sense of belonging.

We work closely with the police, the council, the community safety partnership, local businesses and other charities to try and make this a safe and happy town to live, work and play.

Wherever possible we try our best to do our part for the community and are always looking for more ways to develop this and build more ties with local businesses and organisations.

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