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Cornwall Blue Light Day 2019

Last Wednesday organisations from across the Duchy came together at the Royal Cornwall Showground to showcase and promote the services that they offer to adults with learning disabilities.

We were privileged to be one of these organisations and were glad to get the opportunity to meet with many likeminded organisations and chat with different people who interact with the sector.

This fantastic event shines a light on the different work done by each organisation and encourages the sharing of ideas and services whilst also signposting them to those who will benefit.

The Harbour team at the day consisted of not only staff, but also resident volunteers who had experienced the support first-hand and so were able to offer a personal insight into the services that we offer.

Amongst these volunteers were current residents, move-on property residents, and someone who has fully moved on to the private rented sector, providing between them a broad cross-section of the Harbour journey.

Visitors to our stand were encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback to us, as well as taking part in our name the teddy competition and taking a picture with our selfie frame.

We loved chatting to all of the attendees, and it was great to be able to spread our message and our story to a new audience. 

Our service deals specifically with vulnerable adults, and in many cases  homelessness is a secondary issue to addiction, mental health issues or learning difficulties.

When a new resident comes to stay with us, we signpost them to the services that will most benefit them, and make sure they sign up to receive the help that will enable them to best move on with their lives.

Events like Blue Light Days are invaluable in helping us to scope out the support networks available in the area and ensure that we connect people with the services most likely to be helpful to them.

A now ex-resident talks about how important having these connections and resources was for him:

“[Harbour] gave me the opportunity to access the services that were necessary for me to move on psychologically, accommodation-wise, and to learn more about myself. 

“It was only after taking part in mindfulness groups here that I made the decision to have a diagnosis for my autism and that came back, and it answered a lot of questions about my life previously.

“It gave me the opportunity to counteract many of the difficulties that my condition brings up which I didn’t know before, I just thought it was a natural part of life.”

We pride ourselves on being able to give our residents their very best chance, and we could not do that without the support of a range of different organisations from emergency services to charities and local council groups.

We have made lots of new connections through the Blue Light Day and would like to thank the organisers for providing such an important event.

Not only was it helpful for our organisation and the residents that we benefit, but it was also a hugely enjoyable day and a heartening celebration of community and the ties within our county.

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