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A Family Reunited

Soon to be ex-resident Robert is making preparations to move into his very own flat where he can be reunited with his daughter.

Robert was in a car crash when he was 20, and now suffers from a lifelong disability that makes walking even short distances difficult. 

He was awarded an infinite disability benefit under the old system, but got into financial difficulty after changes were made, and a few missed payments led to him losing the flat that he shared with his daughter.

Robert has lived in St Austell all his life and used to have his own business, but after being dealt this period of bad luck he ended up living in the back of his car and having to pass over care of his daughter to her Grandparents.

Everything that Robert has done since has been about getting himself back in the best position to support her.

A little over a year ago he referred himself to Harbour Housing so that he could get the help that he needed.

A needs assessment revealed that Robert mainly required financial support, and so he was moved to our dry house and supported to get his correct benefits in place and organise his finances. 

Jade, Robert’s support worker, said: “Since being with us Robert has always engaged well with staff and has attended courses at Cosgarne which he has enjoyed. He has been a pleasure to work with and support.”

He thrived in the environment, and is now completely financially stable and even managed to save up to get a vehicle so that he could be more independent and spend time with his daughter. 

Robert has not let his situation interfere with parenting and manages to see her every day, making sure that he is always there to pick her up from school and take her to her Grandparents where they spend the evenings together.

His worry now is that his parents are getting older and may not be best suited to caring for her, so he dedicated himself to finding a flat for both of them so that he could regain custody.

Through the Landlord’s Incentive Scheme, an opportunity has become available, so for Robert the end is in sight. 

He has undertaken the pre-tenancy training course and found a suitable flat that accounts for both his daughter and for his limited mobility, so all that’s left to do now is move in.

Robert stated, “If I hadn’t come in here, I’d probably still be living in the back of a car. They gave me a place to sleep again… helped me to get my DSS entitlements sorted out and back into action! Thanks Cosgarne!”

We’re glad that we could support Robert to find his feet again, and that we could play some part in helping him towards a happy reunion.

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