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Harbour Firesafe

HARBOUR Firesafe is a new initiative by which our staff and residents can be trained in sprinkler system installation and maintenance.

This training is incredibly valuable as it acts as a goal that can be worked towards, an avenue for personal fulfilment as well as a potential asset in the world of work.

Residents John and Paul spoke about what being a part of this project means to them.

For John, this is something that could have a transformative effect on his life. “It’s really valuable to have a qualification, especially one like this. It helps you put your foot in the door.

“If people are thinking of moving on, it’s something they can take with them, even if they never use it, it’s something that belongs to them.”

The training is a British Standard qualification and was piloted by six residents and four members of the maintenance team in the summer of 2017. 

Since then, all of our own maintenance has been completed in house, and we were even called upon to perform a service to the sprinkler system of a local business and have recently embarked on a bigger installation of five luxury apartments in Newquay.

John, who has previous experience in the building trade, said “I walked onto the building site and it felt like I’d never been away, I really enjoyed getting to use the skills again.” 

This opportunity to experience the working world again whilst still receiving support and guidance from our staff is an amazing step towards eventual independence. 

As well as this, the stability provided by the routine of going to work is really beneficial to an individual’s development, and skilled labour provides excellent opportunities for personal fulfilment. 

This is a niche market that is at present undersaturated, and if England follows in the footsteps of Wales with their new policy on domestic fire safety, it is a qualification that is going to be in high demand.

We hope that this initiative will provide the best opportunities for our residents to develop themselves and prepare for moving on. 

Paul stated: “I’m really glad I decided to do the programme; it has given me an opportunity to move forwards in life.

“It’s given me an extra qualification, a skill that I didn’t have before, which in the modern world is very necessary – especially after the Grenfell tragedy. 

“It highlighted the need for more rigorous safety in every living accommodation.

“Everything’s a learning experience and it’s a chance to progress and hopefully move forward with employment possibilities.”

Through helping our residents to transition into the world of work, we can hopefully provide them with the best possible skillset to facilitate moving onwards, as well as helping to change the perception of homelessness amongst employers.

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