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The team after their first litter pick

A team of our dedicated residents are helping to build an eco-friendly stage at this year’s Glastonbury festival. 

The initiative is being run by Keep Britain Tidy in partnership with the Orca Sound Project and encourages local organisations to help transform litter into something both beautiful and practical.

We’re lucky to be one of just 100 ‘Litter Heroes’ in the whole country taking part and are tasked with helping to collect ten tonnes of plastic by the deadline on 23 May.

Our residents will be out and about over the next few weeks collecting waste from beaches, high streets and walk ways, all of which will be used to assemble the ‘Gas Tower’ dance area in Shangri-La this year. 

Allison Ogden-Newton, the chief executive of Keep Britain Tidy, has called the project ‘ground-breaking’.

“By working together, we are showing the world that the plastic we no longer want or need can be recycled and turned into something that is both exciting and useful,” she said. 

The project was perfect for us as it ties in two very central parts of our ethos as a charity: community engagement and responsible environmentalism. 

Our residents take great pride in being part of the St Austell community and have previously run various improvement projects such as bus shelter renovations and litter picks.  

As for environmental impact, we are always looking for ways to innovate and become more eco-friendly as shown by the dedicated recycling area designed by residents themselves, and our electric car which is used for attending meetings and outreach work. 

This project has come at a time when we as a nation, and as a global community, are becoming much more conscious of the effect that our lifestyle is having on the planet.

It’s great to see a big event such as Glastonbury taking responsibility for its environmental impact, especially in such a creative and participative way.

Our first litter pick has already taken place with the team bringing in a large haul from just a small stretch of path, highlighting the importance of this project.

We are excited to get out there again and see how much we can collect, and more importantly we can’t wait to see our work come to fruition when the stage is created.

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