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Art Group Improves Wellbeing

RESIDENTS at our properties benefit hugely from attending regular art sessions run by our talented volunteers.

Participating in activities and training courses are an important part of the tenancy of our residents, and we have found them to produce really positive results in both engagement and wellbeing.

Every Wednesday a group of residents congregate in the on-site training room and are greeted with a cup of tea and a snack from our long-term volunteer Sue, and the artistic expertise of ex-teacher Lynn. 

Lynn has been coming here for about two years and enjoys getting the opportunity to run the sessions. 

She said, “I’ve met lots of lovely people here, we’ve had some really good artists.”

In the most recent session residents were encouraged to experiment with colour and abstract expression, creating small canvasses which will be added to an ongoing sculpture project. 

Each canvass is created in a completely different style, showcasing the individuality of each artist.

Art and all means of creative display have long been associated with improving quality of life, and are strongly advocated for by healthcare professionals.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing has written a report recommending the promotion of the arts in all areas of public life to improve health, wellbeing and social inclusion. 

They claim, “The arts can make an invaluable contribution to a healthy and health-creating society. They offer a potential resource that should be embraced in health and social care systems.

“Art-making offers a temporary haven for people who have no home of their own; it offers time away from fear and intimidation; it offers scope to begin healing.”

We agree with their findings and think that art is a wonderful way to bring people together and encourage personal growth, particularly through the expression of individuality. 

If you are interested in volunteering either in our art group, or any other session, contact support@harbourhousing.com

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