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Landlord Incentive Scheme

Jamie Lynn, who was housed through the scheme

THIS year we are excited to be piloting the Landlord Incentive Scheme in partnership with Cornwall Council after it was awarded £625,000 from the government’s Rough Sleeper Initiative. 

The scheme aims at moving residents from supported housing into private accommodation through offering support and guidance both to the tenants and the landlords.

The scheme is made up of three main aspects: pre-tenancy training, ongoing support and financial stability for landlords. 

The training is an official NOCN Level One qualification which provides applicants with tailored instruction in preparing for, and more importantly, retaining a tenancy.

Wayne Drew from Cornwall Housing believes that the training is what will make the scheme successful. “The Pre-Tenancy Qualification is one of the biggest parts of this, it gives tenants the skills that they need, but also opens the door to work based training.” 

After they have moved into their property, the tenant is provided with at least three months of support with anything from signing up to local services, to paying bills, to sourcing household items.

As well as the tenant, the landlord is provided with ongoing support with a named contact that they can reach out to with queries at any hour of the day or night. 

They also have the incentive of three months’ rent paid in advance which offers real financial security and allays any worries they may have. 

An investigation of over ten thousand property listings revealed that just two percent of these were open to people on benefits. 

A variety of complex reasons are behind each individual in need of benefits, and the scheme aims to help landlords understand this and become more comfortable with how the system works and how they can work with it.

Since the scheme was launched in February seven tenants have already been moved into their new homes, and we are confident that more will follow

John Woodward is one of these, and six months after being referred to us is now settled into his new flat and receiving continual support from staff. 

John told us how grateful he was for all of the support, “I could not have done it without all the help I received.” 

The Landlord Incentive Scheme is a great way for us to prepare people for independence without ceasing support altogether. 

Wayne believes that the success of this project could have larger implications. “I think that this scheme has the potential to work for everyone. 

“If the model can work here, it can work everywhere.”

The Landlord Incentive Scheme is not a quick fix, but a long-term solution to a serious problem and we are proud to be a part of it. Even after just a few weeks we have seen what a remarkable difference this has been able to make and hope that it will continue to do so, acting as a testament to what can be achieved when agencies work together towards the same goal.

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