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EVA Project

EVA: Escaping Violence & Abuse

Domestic Violence Provision

The EVA Project is specially designed to support survivors of domestic abuse to regain their independence and recover at their own pace.

We currently have 12 spaces within our accommodation services specifically designated for single adults escaping abuse and our staff are trained and experienced in supporting people going through this difficult period.

Our close partnerships with other services across the South West including the Women’s Centre and Safer Futures mean that we are able to provide bespoke support to suit individual experiences.

Our service is tailored for those with complex needs who may not be able to access support elsewhere. Complex needs can include struggles with mental health, substance use, the criminal justice system or owning a pet.

We have a variety of properties including self-contained flats, single-gender spaces and larger shared units with access to round the clock support.

All of our properties have top of the range security facilities including CCTV monitoring and concierge services, ensuring that clients’ safety is a top priority.

Our clients have access to training, counselling, volunteering opportunities and enrichment pursuits including art, yoga, animal care and cookery.

We can also provide support with an eventual move on into independent accommodation if the individual feels ready.

You can refer yourself in or an agency can do it on your behalf through our referrals tab.

EVA Project Client

What would you say to those thinking about seeking help?

“I would honestly say to them – trust your gut, believe in yourself and have the confidence to get up and leave, because no one in the world deserves that. That would be my words to them.

“And the services – now I feel so happy about the fact that that they were there for me and I got the help that I needed.

“I’m still struggling now in my own mind, but I would be a lot worse without them and their help, so I’m so thankful.”