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Residents of Harbour Housing Volunteer to Support the Vulnerable

DURING this difficult period of social isolation, residents at Harbour Housing are using their time in lockdown to support their neighbours and provide meals for the most vulnerable.

At a time when staff at Harbour are having to drastically reduce their numbers on site to adhere to social distancing regulations and keep everyone safe, residents are working together to help support one another throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dale and Elise in the Cosgarne kitchen.

Three of Harbour Housing’s residents, Dale, Elise and Lee, are spending their time in lockdown at Cosgarne Hall volunteering – cooking meals for over 56 people daily and ensuring that everyone gets a nourishing, homemade dinner.

Whilst adhering to social distancing and government safety advice, they are working carefully to ensure that no one at Harbour goes without.

Our three ‘Harbour heroes’ are coordinating the stock-taking of donations, and the ordering, cooking and delivery of their delicious meals to residents across Harbour Housing’s properties in Mid Cornwall.

Having recently worked hard to complete her Food Hygiene Certificate, Elise has been supplying other residents with tasty homemade cakes and treats to keep everyone happy and well-fed whilst they stay safe at home. 

Over 50 homemade toad in the hole dinners being prepared!

Dale, Elise and Lee have also been shopping, fetching essential supplies, and collecting medicine for Harbour’s most vulnerable residents, enabling them to continue shielding, and ensuring that they stay inside and protect themselves from the virus. 

Many of our residents have previously spent extended periods of time sleeping rough on the streets, meaning that they are more likely to experience complicated health problems associated with homelessness, and are therefore more at risk from the novel coronavirus. This means that the service Elise, Lee and Dale are providing is all the more crucial, as they’re enabling people to stay at home and keep safe.

The three residents have spent over 25 hours each week volunteering since the start of the pandemic, and mean to continue with their charitable endeavours for the benefit of their fellow residents.

Dale said “Doing this is keeping us motivated during the lockdown, and it makes us feel good to know that we’re helping people at a hard time.

“We’re just trying to keep everyone’s spirits up, we’ve seen that doing something everyday for someone really helps.”

A member of Harbour’s staff Emily Hill said, “They should feel really proud of themselves.

“Providing hot meals and groceries to those who can’t leave the house is invaluable during this challenging time.

“They’re working as a team brilliantly to help supply homemade food for everyone and it’s touching to see how dedicated they are to supporting their neighbours.

“This is a difficult time for everyone with additional strain on services and staff, so for them to step up in this way and put the needs of others first is heartening to see.

“They really are a credit to Harbour Housing.”

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